#06 Acorn Army - Materials List - deadline MARCH 31st or there abouts!


If you’d like to join me on my #stitchanacorn campaign then you might like to gather the following bits and bobs…. We can always seek things out as we go along… plenty of time … easy pace! 🐢 💛

BUT JUST SO YOU KNOW FOR SURE - The deadline is MARCH 31st or there abouts!

1. A 10 or 8 inch embroidery hoop … bamboo ones are more sustainable but try and get it from a local supplier or craft shop or charity shop. 

2. A small selection of embroidery and beading needles. 

3. Scissors - for fabric and for paper /mixed media. 

4. A start off selection of plain fabrics preferably that don’t fray. SOME FELT pieces are important for padding. I will be posting a colour scheme later but for now PLAIN fabrics and if you have to..... small scale pattern as the flying acorns are only a few inches wide 
The acorns measure no more than 7-8 inches wide so small pieces of fabrics are ideal. Metallics and silks, felt, pleather, kid leather and high vis are great. 

5. Threads /cottons. 

6. Black fine liner, mechanical OR sharp pencil.

7. Tracing paper.

8. Optional but I found very handy and helpful - A lap hoop stand or table top hoop stand as seen in photos or similar. 

9. An iron.

10. True grit and creative purpose. ⚡️💥

Think about finding /sourcing materials with no carbon footprint and maybe even forming a small group to stitch with and share bits and bobs. 


Gather gather and see you soon with more vids.  

Watch this space. 👀

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