A blog dedicated to the journey of the cape creation for Marchmont House

Stitch an acorn

‘Stitch an Acorn Templates’


Templates and list of materials to get started on the Stitch an Acorn Campaign.

Stitch an acorn

#03 ‘The Cape of Clouds’


The stitch-a-cloud project started when I was embroidering ‘the Cape of Empowerment’ for Pukka Tea. Fuelled by my experience in teaching creative empowerment around the world and my desire to connect with other creatives, I made a casual call out for contributions.

Louise Gardiner

#02 'The Cape Of Empowerment'


The ‘Cape of Empowerment’ commissioned by PUKKA herbs in 2017. This vibrant cloak adorned with plants and herbs is a celebration of Mother Nature and the divine feminine.

Louise Gardiner

#01 'It's Time To Make Another Cape'


Join me on my venture to make a brand new cape on my journey of creative power.