A blog dedicated to the journey of the cape creation for Marchmont House

Stitch an acorn

#24 Finishing off....Hoop


Finishing off hoop before send off and attaching your letter.

Just to say a BIG thank you! 

Stitch an acorn

#23 ‘dddd...DEADLINE.'


A short and sweet reminder about the deadline and delivery address for your acorns

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Stitch an acorn

#22 ‘Deirdre Gets Started On Her Acorn'


Deirdre sent me this video showing me her progress on her acorn!

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Stitch an acorn

#21 ‘Materials Trip to London'


Off I go to London to recharge my creative batteries and find my CAPE fabrics.

(Next up: Deirdre Gets Started On Her Acorn)

Stitch an acorn

#20 ‘How To Bind Your Hoop'


Video tutorial explaining how to bind your hoop to stop your silk slipping.

(Next up: Materials trip to London)

Stitch an acorn

#19 ‘Squash Court Studios'


During my time at Marchmont I had time to spread out in the HUGE squash court studios!

(Next up: How to wrap your embroidery hoop)

Stitch an acorn

#18 ‘Mama G Joins the Acorn Army'


I'm back at Marchmont, and this time Mama G has joined me in my journey of creative courage!

(Next up:  Squash court studios)

Stitch an acorn

#17 ‘Creative Power Block'


I experienced a power cut block or whatever you want to call it but I kept looking at the 'blank page' and found what I thought was a way through.

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Stitch an acorn

#16 ‘Tower of Creative Power' 


Experiences of Nature and the Tower of Creative Power at Marchmont House.

(Next up: Films at Marchmont)


#15 ‘Deirdre's Story- A case study in Taking the Plunge’


Deidre tells us how to adopt a no nonsense no time time wasting approach to getting back on the wagon.

(Next up: Back in time - The Tower of Creative power )

Stitch an acorn

#14 ‘Acorn Army Needs You Flyer’


Organise your very own Acorn Army stitch-off with the help of my flyer.

(Next up: Deirdre's Story)

Stitch an acorn

#13 ‘Marchmont Embroidery’


Sumptuous embroideries can be seen in the house including embroideries by William Morris’ daughter, May Morris, which are truly inspiring.

(Next up: Organise your very own Acorn Army stitch-off)

Stitch an acorn

#12 ‘Marchmont Inspiration’


Marchmont House is bursting with beautiful artefacts and inspiration.

(Next up: Embroideries at Marchmont)

Stitch an acorn

#11 ‘Marchmont Nature’


Paying homage to Mother Nature at Marchmont and reconnecting with what’s important.

(Next up: Lou gets inspired at Marchmont)

Stitch an acorn

#10 ‘Drawing Research at Marchmount House’


The ever important lessons of releasing and meditating in the form of drawing in Mother Nature.

(Next up: Lou immerses herself in nature at Marchmont)

Stitch an acorn

#09 ‘Lou’s Padding Guide For Your Flying Acorn’


Take your padding out your bra and pad your acorn folks. There’s the complicated way, and then there’s Lou’s way…choose which you’d like to do. 

(Next up: Lou draws in nature)

Stitch an acorn

#08 ‘My Vision For The Acorn Campaign’


What I have in mind for the Stitch An Acorn Campaign and how I'd like to exhibit it at Marchmont House Estate.

(Next up: Lou’s 10 minute padding guide for your hand embroidered flying acorn)

Stitch an acorn

#07 ‘Letter - Acorn Campaign’


Everything you need to know about the letter I'd like you to send in with your stitched acorn.

(Next up: Lou’s vision of what this is all going to look like)

Stitch an acorn

#06 ‘Acorn Army - Materials List’


Here are some photographs of the materials you will need to get involved with the Stitch an Acorn Campaign.

(Next up: Lou’s hilarious guide to writing your accompanying letter IN BLACK PEN)

Stitch an acorn

#05 ‘Stitch an Acorn Templates’


Templates and list of materials to get started on the Stitch an Acorn Campaign.

(Next up: Materials needed for flying acorn)

Stitch an acorn

#04 ‘Join The Acorn Army’


Join me on my journey of creative courage.

(Next up: Printable templates to join the ACORN ARMY of LURVE!)

Stitch an acorn

#03 ‘The Cape of Clouds’


The stitch-a-cloud project started when I was embroidering ‘the Cape of Empowerment’ for Pukka Tea. Fuelled by my experience in teaching creative empowerment around the world and my desire to connect with other creatives, I made a casual call out for contributions.

(Next up: A taster of Lou’s rollercoaster with cancer and call to action)

Louise Gardiner

#02 'The Cape Of Empowerment'


The ‘Cape of Empowerment’ commissioned by PUKKA herbs in 2017. This vibrant cloak adorned with plants and herbs is a celebration of Mother Nature and the divine feminine.

(Next up: A quick look at The Cape of Clouds - a non funded philanthropic cape which now resides at Marchmont House)

Louise Gardiner

#01 'It's Time To Make Another Cape'


Join me on my venture to make a brand new cape on my journey of creative power. 

(Next up: A quick look at The Cape of Empowerment campaign that Lou designed for Pukka Herbs)