#18 Mama G Joins The Acorn Army


Mama G has joined me up at Marchmont House. I arrived earlier this week with my mum and sister by my side, we were greeted by a large box of embroidered flying acorns which was a wonderful surprise. This time I’m in the squash court studio and have lots of room to spread out! Only two weeks to really make progress here and transfer my drawings onto the cape with free machine embroidery.

It was a lovely first evening drinking sherry, opening packages and quite frankly shedding tears of empathy and laughter at the wonderful letters accompanying them. Delightful! THANK YOU so much if you have sent one, they are all so different yet a common thread of creative courage, purpose, story telling and comaraderie runs through them which is utterly heartwarming. AND we have already received a few international beauties as well as lots of local Scottish ones. They had flown as far as South Africa, USA and Australia.

It’s very rare that an artist gets commissioned to make something which will both challenge them, inspire so many and give the maker chance to shine. It is 3 years since I first visited …. the day we left our family farm … and I had no idea the commission would take this long. But life, it seems, is not about deadlines and ticking things off lists, (which the old me would have loved to claim) it’s about living the present moment, taking a deep breath and seeing, witnessing and marvelling the small stuff. Be positive my friends.. life is but a short and wonderful journey. You are matter and you matter. 💛

 Join my Mother and I in cursing and laughing about threads knotting and tangling. Overcoming the arduous and tedious frustrations of the hand embroiderer as we try to give the impression of spontaneous flight! Here I show local contributor Vanessa’s acorn (of Berwick Upon Tweed) which I hope will spur you on and not put you off!!! Remember it’s a layering process and for help look at my blog. NEW DEADLINE IS MARCH 30th. Please send to @marchmonthouse ACORN ARMY with your accompanying letter on one side of white or cream A4 paper. These donations will be hugely appreciated and will spur me on as I make #thecapeofcreativecourage campaign.

Please safely post your acorn and letters/ poems to the address below:
The Acorn Team
Flying Acorn Campaign
Marchmont House
TD10 6YL

Use these hashtags on all posts regarding Lou’s cape campaign of creative courage to get involved:

#stitchanacorn #acornarmy #marchmonthouse #flyingacorns #capeofcreativepurpose #lougardiner #comeflywithme #communityacornproject