#19 Squash Court Studio

Yours truly has decided, (as she has all the time in the world 🙄) to redesign the #capeofcreativecourage now that she is in the super dooper squash court studio where the actual project will be launched.

The initial design had no flow and was over detailed and clunky. So now that I am back here and of course earlier in the year got my eye back in and finished the big circular piece for Chelsea Flower Show … I can see it 😳

So whilst you are doing your beautiful little acorns …. think of me … finding my flow again which seems so much more fluid and flowy than last time I was in the #towerofcreativepower and the storms.

Sending you courage and receiving courage and it’s all just a circular giving and receiving circular flowy flow flow isn’t it…

Maybe it’s because I reintroduced the medicinal qualities of sherry. 🤔

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