#08 My Vision - Acorn Campaign


My grand vision for the exhibition of the cape! I envision the embroidered cape to be surrounded by all of your beautiful embroidered acorns. They will be exhibited at Marchmont House in a gorgeous gallery with skylights, the sunlight will stream through the stitched acorns.

The stitched acorns will be hung above the cape to imitate the look of a tree - hopefully an oak tree. Alongside the acorns I would like to exhibit a few of the letters that you will send with the acorn. I’ve written another blog post about the letter and what I’d like you to include…mentions of friendships, courage and creative power. 

Use these hashtags on all posts regarding Lou’s cape campaign of creative courage to get involved:

#stitchanacorn #acornarmy #marchmonthouse #flyingacorns #capeofcreativepurpose #lougardiner #comeflywithme #communityacornproject