#04 Stitch an Acorn - Call To Action!

A personal CALL TO ACTION for the Flying Acorn campaign and the reasons I need your support


The time has come to launch the ‘Stitch An Acorn!’ Campaign.
I can’t believe it’s almost September … I’ve just launched the campaign with a video over on my Instagram (and I assume that’s why you’re reading this now! Welcome!) 

I wanted to give my journey a little bit of context, it’s been almost 2.5 years since the beginning of my journey with cancer and its been a helluva ride which I kept very quiet for the first 24 months. It was hard to know whether sharing it was what I wanted and I was just too poorly at times to communicate and inform except with my nearest and dearest.
There were many twists and turns but the I have outlived my prognosis by 16 months so far and I intend to live a few years yet as I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that I am one of many many creative people needed on this precious planet right now to help inspire people to live more creative and authentic lives - to connect with their TRUE NATURE. 
Recently I was taken off my immunotherapy treatment as it was no longer serving my body, I was beginning to dry up like a old prune from the heavy toxicity levels in my system.
I said NO THANK YOU to any more invasive chemical treatment and chemotherapy.  It’s time for me to live my best AND BRAVEST life - AND THROUGH a helluva lot of soul searching and therapies accompanied by loving support, I really appreciate that that may not be far from the one I’ve already got… so its time to REALLY enjoy it! So here’s to YOU joining me on this mission to LIVE and to create the best CAPE and flying acorn campaign IN THE WORLD EVER! 

More or less the beginning of my journey. 2 lots of major surgery 1 month apart…June/ Aug 2020.

Gertie the Endometrioma / tumour made of blood - size of a grapefruit, growing on my left ovary, twisting it and then surgically removed and found to be malignant. 

The start of chemotherapy and my hair beginning to fall out. 

A very smiley, thin and bald ME during chemotherapy and given an uncertain few months to live. 

Cancer certainly hasn’t killed me, its taught me SO MUCH but hospital food was a different story!

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