#05 Stitch an Acorn Templates - Deadline 31st MARCH or thereabouts 2023!

If you’d like to join me on my #stitchanacorn campaign then you might like to gather the following bits and bobs. We can always seek things out as we go along… plenty of time … easy pace! 🐢 💛

Hand-embroidered version

To take part in the stitch an acorn campaign, you will need:
1. A 10 or 8 inch embroidery hoop … bamboo ones are more sustainable but try and get it from a local supplier or craft shop or charity shop. 
2. A small selection of embroidery and beading needles. 
3. Scissors - for fabric and for paper /mixed media. 
4. A start off selection of plain fabrics preferably that don’t fray. SOME FELT pieces are important for padding. The acorns measure no more than 7-8 inches wide so small pieces of fabrics are ideal. Metallics and silks, felt, pleather, kid leather and high vis are great. Please be inspired by nature for your colour scheme.
5. Threads /cottons. 
6. Black fine liner, mechanical OR sharp pencil.
7. Tracing paper.
8. Optional but I found very handy and helpful - A lap hoop stand or table top stand.
9. An iron.
10. True grit and creative purpose. ⚡️💥
Think about finding /sourcing materials with no carbon footprint and maybe even forming a small group to stitch with and share bits and bobs. 
We are looking for voluntary donations of stitched acorns to the Cape of Creative Purpose Campaign.  
Requirements for campaign:
- One stitched acorn as per the templates in this post and Lou’s tutorials.
- One letter as per instructions in blog post #07
Please send your stitched acorn on Silk Organza ( Or similar translucent white / cream fabric) stretched in an embroidery hoop.  Maximum size 12inch hoop. 
If you are interested in getting involved but do not want to donate your physical embroidery to us but would still like to get involved, please send a printed photograph of your stitched acorn and accompanying letter.
Deadline to be included in the acorn campaign:  31st MARCH or thereabouts 2023!
Please safely post your acorn and letters/ poems to the address below:
The Acorn Team
Flying Acorn Campaign
Marchmont House
TD10 6YL

Acorn Template A

Acorn Template B

Acorn Template C

Acorn Template D

Acorn Template E (new)

Acorn Template F (new)

Acorn Template G (new)

Use these hashtags on all posts regarding Lou’s cape campaign of creative courage to get involved:

#stitchanacorn #acornarmy #marchmonthouse #flyingacorns #capeofcreativepurpose #lougardiner #comeflywithme #communityacornproject