"Mrs Big"
Private commission 


'Mrs Big' became the pet name for my largest CORAL embroidery for a beach house in The Hamptons, US.  I have now embroidered 3 different corals for 3 private clients and I love this theme.  Creating the intricate details, complex patterns and beguiling colour schemes that you might find on the sea bed is so therapeutic. This Coral was produced for a client in London who saw a similar piece at the Anthropologie Gallery, Kings Road, London.  

This embroidered, painted and appliqué work took approximately 4 months to create and was completed the day before I started working on the cape for PUKKA.  Adorned with hand beading, leather discs and light reflective stems which react with the changing light of day it is a shimmering piece of work which only just left my studio as it was so big it wouldn't fit down the stairs! 

Commissions and prints - 

Bespoke commissions range from £8000 - £40,000.  
I create approximately 3 pieces of embroidered artwork per year. 

Prints are also available. 
Please contact me directly.



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