The Cape of Empowerment

Commissioned by Pukka Herbs, Bristol.  


Stitched from the ground up and inspired by 21 natural, health giving ingredients, the centrepiece for the campaign has taken the form of a beautiful cape and aims to capture all that is feminine, powerful and potent about woman kind. This isn’t about superficial beauty, it’s about nurturing individuality and about taking a step back from the norm and thinking about what we’ve all got to contribute. To encourage a gentle more charismatic femininity, it’s not about sex and celebrity, It’s about the essence of being female and being in touch with your own true nature.

Having been deeply influenced by teaching women all around the world, tapping into this amazing sisterhood and realising how much we all have in common, this cape is a joyful celebration of all those women that have been and all those yet to come. Anyone is welcome to try it on and feel like that queen, that warrior, that nurturer; any and all of those wonderful roles that we play.

The Womankind Pukka project exists to empower, inspire and encourage creativity, by highlighting our connection with nature through the magic of herbs and plants. I wanted to make visual the magical ingredients that actually go into making Womankind tea; beetroot, chamomile, pomegranate, to show how beautiful they are. I’m hoping to inspire women to think about what they’re putting in their bodies and to emphasise how important it is to nurture ourselves with the gifts that have been cultivated by mother nature.

Commissions and prints - 

Bespoke commissions range from £8000 - £40,000.  
I create approximately 3 pieces of embroidered artwork per year. 

Prints are also available. 
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