#24 Finishing the reverse of your hoop

Here is a video of Jess and I, to help you finish off your hoop with Stitch!




Don't forget it is a good idea to write your name on the wooden part of the hoop in black block capitals near the top which will be attached to a fishing wire.

You can glue the hoop if you prefer but this is best done with a thicker fabric than organza. Be careful because this could burn or mark your fabric. Stitching is very easy to do and really neatens the finished hoop, you can use PVA on the edges mixed with water to stop the fabric from fraying.

Josie jo who is with me now, has just done hers when she thought she had finished it, I sat her down and she completed her acorn like a good covent school girl and i took the form of sister Gerard our old sewing teacher. You can see Josie here in action!