#01 'It's Time To Make Another Cape'

On December 1st 2019, the day after we left our family farm I drove to Scotland for the first time, to Marchmont House. I was totally lost and bereft losing our family home full of family history, so I thought what better thing to do than start a new adventure. 


Billfox and I set off in my VW transporter arriving at Marchmont house after a stay at Tbay services. I remember gasping as I turned in the drive and saw the house for the first time. 


I’ve been preparing for this one. Possibly all my life. A wonder cape with super power, a sanctuary, portal of energy, a place to recharge, to listen to the earth, breathe, discombobulate, to connect with our authentic selves ... a vessel in which to be protected, celebrated, lifted.... spiritually connected and authentic. But this time for reasons I could never have imagined - how the world has changed. 
In April 2020 I drove North to @marchmonthouse to finalise the concept, title and details of ‘The Cape of Creative Courage’.  
I’m now part of the bunch of vibrant people who have been selected to rumble up the creative magic in the new @themarchmontworkshop @marchmonthouse
It’s been an exciting life changing risk, mission of passion and a huge investment for Hugo Burge so it must be so satisfying for him and his wonderful team to see such a creative buzz forming. 
Campaign and contract written and completed, agreement signed, excited and happy! It was time to begin. 
As I said back then, ⠀⠀
“So now the hard work begins ... one layer at a time ... process by process. Here we go .... a magical wearable celebratory artwork - inspiration, photography, drawing, music and materials... preparation of the mind and the studio ... 💥imperative 🤘🏼💫💥⚡️"
Little did I know what was around the corner. 

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