In 2019 I decided that I would make a dream come true, I decided to design and make my embroidered artworks into Silk Kimono style reversible jackets. With the help of Helen, an amazing pattern cutter in London, Thea my CAD design assistant in Bollington and Fashion Enter, a small fashion and clothing manufacturer in North London, who train people to make clothes in their in-house school and also do small batches for designers like me, we got to work.

I never realised the pain staking, exact and timely processes involved in creating complex haute couture items. It was a very steep learning curve for me but I wanted them to be perfect. 

About eight months later 70 Louise Gardiner ‘Shimonos’  were ready for Chelsea. These attracted a lot of attention from people who recognised how special these silk pieces were. Timeless wearable artworks. We sold 45 and I have been selling them privately since. I am also in the process of designing two new jackets but these three designs below include detail from eight of my embroidered original artworks.  I will not be selling these online but at Open Studios and at Chelsea Flower Show. You can also contact me by email here. 

The Shimonos cost £545 for the short and £600 for the long. 
Prices include gift wrap, British Gift box, VAT and delivery.  

Everything is designed and made in Britain.